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June 1-16 /2018: Andes & Atlantic Coast 
Spaces Available: 5.500 USD – Net Price Per Person
Single Room Supplement: 300 US

Extention: June 17-22 /2018: Mitu
 Spaces Available: 2.000 USD – Net Price Per Person
Single Room Supplement: 150 USD

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Bogotá and the surrounding countryside is situated on a wide plateau at an altitude of 2,700 m, on the western slope of the most eastern of the 3 andean ranges that occur at this latitude (4º N). This flat area is called the Sabana de Bogotá. Bogota Birding is a immense tropical paradise teeming with extraordinary natural history, stunning scenic beauty and the greatest biodiversity of any country in the World! Bogota is the mecca for neotropical birding ( Is the capital and largest city of Colombia Country number one in birds!), simply an essential pilgrimage for any birders wanting to enjoy the tropical birding trip of a lifetime

Bogota Rail
Rallus semiplumbeus
Colombian chachalaca
Ortalis columbiana
Brown-breasted Parakeet
Pyrrhura calliptera
Yellow eared parrot
Ognorhynchus icteroris
Bearded Helmetcrest
Oxypogon guerinii
Black Inca
Coeligena prunellei
Indigo capped hummingbird
Amazilia cyanifrosn
Chestnut bellied hummingbird
Amazilia castaneiventris
White mantled barbet
Capito hypoleucus
Beautiful woodpecker
Melanerpes pulcher
Silvery-throated Spinetail
Synallaxis subpudica
Cundinamarca Antpitta
Grallaria kaestneri
Pale bellied tapaculo
Scytalopus griseicollis
Antioquiabristle tyrant
Phylloscartes lanyoni
Apical flyctacher
Myiarchus apicalis
Apolinar's Wren
Cistothorus apolinari
Niceforo’s wren
Thryophilus nicefori
Turquoise Dacnis
Dacnis hartlaubi
Sooty ant tanager
Habia gutturalis
Colombia mountain grackle
Macroagelaius subalaris
Velvet-fronted Euphonia
Euphonia concinna


Black-billed Mountain-Toucan
Andigena nigrirostris (Near-endemic)
Spectakled parrolet
Forpus conspicillatus
Moustached Puffbird
Malacoptila mystacalis (Near-endemic)
Spot-flanked Gallinule
Gallinula melanops
Black tailed trainbearer
Lesbia victoriae
Buff tailed coronet
Boissonneaua flavescens
Golden-bellied Starfrontlet
Coeligena bonapartei (Near-endemic)
Blue-throated Starfrontlet
Coeligena helianthea (Near-endemic)
Longuemare's Sunangel
Heliangelus amethysticollis (Near-endemic)
Gorgeted woodtar
Chaetocercus heliodor
Coppery-bellied Puffleg
Eriocnemis cupreoventris
Golden-breasted Puffleg
Eriocnemis mosquera (Near-endemic)
Short-tailed Emerald
Chlorostilbon poortmani (Near-endemic)
Red billed emerald
Chlorostilbon gibsoni
Bronze-tailed Thornbill
Chalcostigma heteropogon
Lazuline sabrewing
Campylopterus falcatus
Green bellied hummingbird
Amazilia viridigaster
Grey cheeked nunlet
Nonnula frontalis
Spectacled Prickletail
Siptornis striaticollis
Greater Scythebill
Drymotoxeres pucheranii
Bar-crested Antshrike
Thamnophilus multistriatus (Near-endemic)
Pacific antwren
Myrmotherula pacifica
Magdalena antbird
Myrmeciza palliata
Rufous naped greenlet
Hylophilus semibrunneus
Speckle breasted wren (Colombian wren)
Pheugopedius sclateri
Scrub tanager
Tangara vitriolina
Black headed brush finch
Arremon atricapillus
Golden-fronted Whitestart
Myioborus ornatus
Rufous-browed Conebill
Conirostrum rufum (Near-endemic)
White-capped Tanager
Sericossypha albocristata
Black-chested Mountain-Tanager
Buthraupis eximia
Orange-crowned Oriole
Icterus auricapillus (Near-endemic)

Around Bogota is an immense birding spot the Colombia comprising of six major habitats (Biomes): 1-Paramo (Chingaza and Sumapaz), 2-Cloud Forest, 3-Wetlands Sabana de Bogota, 4-Dry and premontane forest at Magdalena Valley, 5-Colombian  Llanos - Orinoquía (Morichales and savanna). Birding Bogota and Birdwatching Colombia Tours offers comprehensive birding tours to all these major birding habitats and additionally you can to have a great variety of tourist places, with a combination of colonial buildings and skyscrapers

 ENDEMIC Apical Flycatcher (Myiarchus apicalis) you can enjoy in our birding tour
 !!!around the Magdalena Valley near to Bogota

Near endemic, Scrub Tanager (Tangara vitriolina), Parque Nacional Tatama, Cerro Montezuma
Bogota is an Boasting the first city with more richest avifauna in the world an incredible 300 bird species and amazing near the 20 endemics, Bogota Birding offers a wonderful stable and safe eco tour destination, excellent modern infrastructure, full of friendly Colombians with an endless variety of tasty cuisine and of course birds and nature galore! Therefore it’s no wonder Colombia has become a premier destination for bird watchers, nature lovers and nature photographers alike

BLACK INCA (Coeligena prunellei) a endemic hummingbird from Colombia