martes, 16 de febrero de 2021

Awesome Jewel

Awesome Jewel 

What oustanding day!!!  Hummingbird trip where We finally got close to a mistery hummingbird from Monserrate (Bogota) at breakfast time today.

Recently  this little and awesome jewel  has been the spotlight the several birdwatchers at Bogota . It may be an unimaginable  hybrid between Golden Bellied Hummingbird  and a Blue Throated Starfrontlet  or the  genetic mutation the some individual the Blue Throated Starfrontlet but both scenario not proven yet.

If we are preserving these birds, it means that we are preserving a glorious history of new discoverys

Keep an eye for future posts where We’ll be showing more about the rare Hummingbirds from this awesome country  Colombia!


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