OSWALDO CORTES:  was born in 1984 in Bogotá D.C., and just graduated with a degree in Biology, Universidad Distrital Started birding at an early age and graduated in biology from Universidad Distrital “Francisco Jose de Caldas”  and actually study Masther in Biology (Universidad Nacional). In 2005 Oswaldo undertook a series of long trips throughout the various major biomes of  Colombia ( Caribe, Santa Martha area, Eastern Andes, Western Andes, Central Andes, Choco, llanos and Magdalena Valley) with the objective of learning the tremendous variety of different birds, their voices and their unique habitats (You  can to see the songs in xeno canto . His special focus is in the region of Soatá municipality, where he has helped to jointly establish a reserve with the local community . From these years of experience and dedication in the field he started guiding birders full time in 2009 throughout  Colombia. Oswaldo  is one of  most senior leaders and has become recognized as one of the leading  Colombian birders and guides.  Oswaldo has an incredible ear for bird voices and is without doubt one of the top ornithologists in Colombia  having several technical papers to his name on behavior of this avifauna.  Oswaldo is very easy going and fun to bird with. His most exciting ornithological find was the exciting re-discovery of the enigmatic  Chestnut Bellied Hummingbird, Mountain Grackle, Cundinamarca antpitta and Niceforo’s Wren making him internationally renowned.  Oswaldo  is a member  and coordinator of the  Colombian Birdwatching network (RNOA) lives in the city of Bogota. Oswaldo is always avidly birding all over Colombia, that is, when he is not researching, recording bird sounds, preparing papers about birds’ rediscoveries, or attending scientific meetings (which he of course takes advantage of to do more birding, as he’s done in Brazil, the US, and South Africa).
Instagram and Twitter: @bogotabirding


DAIRA XIMENA VILLAGRAN: born in Bogotá D.c. has been leading birding tours since 2017, mostly in eastern andes but also she is mammalogist guide in andes area. She knowledge of  birds around bogota and always impresses clients. Recently he has taken a keen interest in Monkeys and orchids and is quickly becoming an expert . Ximena splits his time between Cundinamarca, Boyaca, Santander area, where She is working towards a ecology and conservation of mammals.


Orlando Acevedo: is born in Bogotá D.C. He is an enthusiastic birder and experienced guide, he was birding since 2006 and he had known several places in Colombia. Orlando is been working for us since 2010 and he is been a hugely successful leader in many of our tours: Chingaza, Llanos, Magdalena Valley and many others. Educated as environmentalist in the Universidad Nacional, gives to our tours a broad vision about nature. Nothing escapes to his knowledge: vegetation, mammals (his new passion!), frogs and of course birds.

He has undertaken several research projects in Colombia, specially new records of the birds at Cocuy National Park, related to the Eastern foothills Andes and ecology in endemic and endangered birds. Apart from guiding tours he also runs as Environmental advice, a consultancy firm focused on management and conservation of nature, biodiversity promotion and environmental education.

monitoring fauna (birds, mammals, herpetofauna) in many places of Colombia (Caribean Region, Magdalena and Cauca Valleys, Meta-Casanare-Arauca Llanos and Eastern-Central and Pacifico Andes) . He been and field assistant for several Nature Parks (PNN Chingaza, PNN Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo, SFF Los Colorados, PNN Los Nevados, PNN Sierra de la Macarena, PNN Sumapaz, PNN Serranía de los Yariguíes, PNN El Cocuy and Pisba) and Privacy Reserves from Colombia (Natural Reserve Rio Ñambi (Nariño), Protected Forest Reserve Río Tame (Arauca) and others).

He is friendly and at the same time funny, making any time with him a memorable and unforgettable. He is patient and relax but at the same time intense in his work.


MANUELA RESTREPO CHICA: Manuela is biology of University of Quindimore than four years of birding experience a native birder born in Armenia City; she is a certified guide through eastern and centrasl andes area, holding a B.A. in Nature Tourism. She has done birding for fun in Canada and Ecuador.

She speaks English fluently, skills learned while studying in Canada (Saint Clair College, Windsor, Ontario). She has excellent communications skills and is extremely informative, making her one of the top guides in Bogota area. She has incredible “finding bird abilities” and a good set of eyes; no wonder some of the local birders in Bogota nicknamed her “Magic Hummingbird.”

Actually She is doing master in Biology at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Ecology Lab in Department of Biology


JUAN PABLO LOPEZ: is a native from Popayan city, an avid birder and a tropical nature enthusiastic. Juan has birded extensively in several areas the Colombia for more than 10 years. He is a highly experienced traveler of the Eastern, western and central andes

He is a skilled guide who birds by ear and knows the different habitats of the country. At the same time, he wants to make sure that everyone in the group wonderfully observes the birds and understand what it is they are seeing. He has the local knowledge about where certain species, hummingbirds leks, Antpittas and tanagers are more likely to be seen.

His passion for birds has taken him to the most remote places over the Munchique area, always looking for the opportunity to add a new bird on his Colombia lifelist, for what his is getting close to the 1000. He’s interested in bird ecology, digiscoping, and nature trips to new corners of Colombia.


ALEJANDRO PINTO: is a Colombian that dedicates throught his work promote the conservation of the enviroment. He studied 5 years of Biology at the University Nacional de Colombia

He has done field studies ranging from structure and functioning of tropical forests the Bird in llanos area.​

His passion for nature began at a very young age and he was a team leader the ornithology group the University Nacional, also Alejandro done program that promotes the conservation and dissemination of protected areas of the country and other places of tourist interest.
​ Has also worked as a guide-instructor in birding activities and environmental education for the Bogota area.


PEDRO CAMARGO: has 10 years of experience as a birding guide around Bogota and eastern andes.  A Biology B.Sc., graduated at Universidad INCCA in Bogota and Actually He is doing the masther biology at Universidad Nacional (Bogota), Pedro has supported Asociacion Bogotana de Ornitologia in projects the bird monitoring in Bogota wetlands.  His scientific contributions have been part of the work of conservation the Bogota rail and other endemic birds the Bogota.


DIEGO CUEVA: is a biologist (Universidad Nacional) born in Leticia/amazonas. He works on bird and banding research in sparrows and tanagers conservations projects, traveling to natural areas throughout the eastern and western andes, and sometimes to United States . Diego has  specialized in birding tours and promotion of birding destinations around Bogota, and which collaborates with Bogota Birding. He experience birding in the country, combined with her knowledge of conservation projects and local customs, will help to accomplish a successful and interesting birding time in Bogota."


JUAN DIEGO CASTILLO: he graduated in photography in London. Current he did birding projects in the  Huila area. Now working many years as a guide to natural history and birding around Bogota. He feels passion for birds, nature, sports that grew in the cloud forest and likes nature photography.

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