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Around 700 species of birds live in the Llanos Orientales of Colombia Libro: Las Aves de los Llanos de la Orinoquia. This area is not characterized for having endemic species, since most of the avifauna is shared with Venezuela, due to the similarity in our plain ecosystems. The Colombian llanos are connected to the Eastern with the Venezuelan ones creating a huge flat grass-forested area.

Bogota capital is near to target areas for to enjoy the birdwatching in savanna, swamps, rivers and Andean slopes forest the several targets birds here

Chestnut-fronted Macaw or Severe Macaw 

 Nevertheless, there are some target areas for birding Orinoquia birds species such as:

Reserva Bavaria or ORANGE-BREASTED FALCON BIRD RESERVE LAUNCHED:  Located just 15 minutes from the city of Villavicencio, the capital of the department of Meta, the new reserve overlooks the vast Llanos plain heer target bird (Orange-breasted Falcon) and mammals as:  Giant Anteater and Ornate Titi monkey

Reserva Natural las Palmeras de Cubarral Meta: Here is a New Record of the Yellow-Eared Parrot (Ognorhynchus icterotis) in the Eastern Andes of Colombia. Located to four hours the Villaviscencio

San José del Guaviare, Guaviare: Here you enjoy the Birds the llanos Orientales and Amazonia, 
Natural scenarios at San Jose: SAN JOSÉ DEL GUAVIARE
Burnished-buff Tanager (Tangara cayana)- @Mauricio Rueda

PLAYA GÜIO VILLAGE This placid place is located between the Guaviare River and Negro creek leaded by a forest keeper families group that live in a forest landscape with fruits and educational paths. They also offer alternatives for people willing to visit the Amazing Guaviare destination. 

SERRANÍA LA LINDOSA Wide region in a portion of the department of Guaviare with strange rock formations located where it seems to have been an ocean many years ago Ciudad de Piedra, Los Túneles, Los Puentes and the Puerta de Orión are the most fantastic places in la Serranía

Serrania de la Lindosa - Guaviare
Yellow ridged Toucan
Blue-throated Piping-guan
Scarlet Macaw
Amazonian White tailed Trogon

Birding trip to Serrania La Lindosa - Guaviare

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