BOGOTA BIRDING -Conservation Through Birding at Colombia

BOGOTA BIRDING too have as target the bird tourism with research and conservation in Colombia the endemic birds . Every 10% the our job we to invest in  our projects in research  and conservation programs the endemic and endangered Colombian birds.


2. Monitoring and conservation Chestnut Bellied Hummingbird (Amazilia castaneiventris)

3. Breeding monitoring: Mountain Grackle (Macroagelaius subalaris)

4. Bird Census: Project Cundinamarca Antpitta MONITORING CUNDINAMARCA ANTPITTA

Help us for follow up the this project Birding with BOGOTA BIRDING

Altogether 5 awareness programs were conducted in 2 different Lower Primary Schools of the fringe villages close to Blakc Inca and Turqoise Dacnis Tanager habitat in Oak forest at Cundinamarca area. A total of 62 students and 3 teachers were trained and benefited from the audio-visual awareness campaigns . After the audio-visual awareness campaign and leaflets were distributed among the students and teachers. During the discussion we gathered information about the species and tried to clear the misconception and wrong ideas prevailing among villagers by providing more information about the species and its importance

World Migratory Bird Day 2013 - Universidad Nacional - Grupo de ornitologia GOUN - Networking for migratory birds

we celebrate the campaign World Migratory Bird Day 2013 at Universidad Nacional with Grupo de Ornitologia Universidad Nacional together with local schools: activities were planned in so manner to change the situation and to draw the interest of local people and students of regional colleges & universities about the conservation the migratory birds .
The education activity was concentrated mainly on the work with two target groups: teachers in local schools and students of colleges and universities.

The workshop was named "Migratory birds how I could conservation them", to assess the impact of the workshop and to generate awareness about current Migratory birds situation and how we can help to preserve your ecosystem. To achieve these objectives, we presented a talk about what birds coming to Colombia and why it is important and we explained the ecological requirement of some endangered species inhabiting the cloud forest around Bogota.
In addition, we generated a discussion space about how children and their parents can help to protect the cloud forest.
we accompanied each talk with recreational activities like drawing, painting and origami. Each of them related with the topics explained during the presentations. At the end of this workshop
Finally, during the visit to schools we provided teachers with bibliographic material related with cloud forest's flora and fauna, as well as pedagogical resources like draws, games, and all the activities done during our workshops. The idea is that each teacher can be able to reproduce this experience in the future and this awareness work can continue with the next generation of students

Environmental education supported for Bogota Birding

Environmental education with birds the wetlands supported for Bogota Birding

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